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James Bruno


Diplomacy and foreign affairs. How government decision-making takes place. Interactions of the White House, State Dept., Pentagon, Congress and CIA in formulating policy. How governments deal with each other. Area expertise includes Afghanistan, Indochina, Europe, Cuba. Served in Guantanamo. Currently a member of the Diplomatic Readiness Reserve and Standby Response Corps.

Experience in the area

23-years as a diplomat with the U.S. State Dept. Previously at the Defense Dept. Prior to joining government, worked as a journalist with major news organizations.


CBS-News, UPI; various newspapers. Bestselling novelist: TRIBE, PERMANENT INTERESTS and CHASM.


M.A. - U.S. Naval War College
M.A. - Columbia Univ.
B.A. - George Washington Univ.

Awards and Honors

Various in government.

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2016-07-23 Croatian and Serbian weaponry:

Stacie:    The Zastava M91 is not available in the U.S. though I see a petition is circulating to allow its importation.    Croatia produces its own sniper rifle, the EM-992(

2016-04-06 WWII R&D costs?:

This is too broad a question. E.g., are you asking about R&D costs for every belligerent, from Mexico to the Soviet Union? I don't think such all-inclusive data are to be found in any single resource.

2016-02-26 Could mercenaries have warships?:

Mika:    The following thread offers some useful insights on this matter:    "It depends on

2016-02-20 How much does a single soldier cost for the military?:

Antero:    It's a complicated issue, depending on how costs are calculated and whether, or not, a given soldier is deployed overseas, including to a war zone. The following resources provide fairly detailed

2016-01-27 Capacity of Military Barracks:

Mika:    It depends. There is no such thing as an "average military barracks," especially today.  It depends on the country, armed force, type of unit, etc. U.S. military WWII-Vietnam barracks were generally


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