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I can answer all questions concerning design and construction of outdoor wooden decks and stairways, particularly those suitable for timberframe homes, and especially for colder climates where snow is a factor.

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I've been a timber framer for 20 years, working as a general contractor who designs and builds custom timberframe homes, working as much as possible with local materials, from foundation to finish. I've made massive decks for commercial lodges and small decks for houses in town. These decks have varied in style from round timber to Victorian ginger bread. I also have studied and tried out enough deck styles that I know which kinds are the most cost effective and easiest to make to meet code requirements. I also have expertise in designing, building, and setting up pre-fab remote camp facilities on terra firma or temperate glaciers for research and expeditions, using helicopters for support.


B.A., M.F.A.

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Christina,    I understand your concerns about having so many screws. You can still go with the 12" OC joists but set only one screw every two feet, alternating edges of the deck board. Since ipe wood

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Dear Mary,    Once you select the actual rail pattern, you can probably find a style of lattice that doesn't conflict. I've noticed that lattice under a porch tends to be subordinate anyway. A couple of

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Dear George,    The chemical treatment goes through, more or less, but the stain does not. Sanding will change the appearance and you will need to re-stain the boards.    It doesn't matter much whether

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Dear Travis,    I would put down concrete blocks in a 5-foot grid and lay treated 4x4 beams over that, and then use 2x4 joists crossing over those 4x4s. That would be three concrete blocks supporting each


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