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Answer various questions about copywriting, what makes it strong, what makes it weak, etc. -- applies to print advertising and web copy. Provide sounding board for people who already have some advertising and would like some expert feedback.

Experience in the area

Freelance marketing writer for 15 years. Last full-time job: Senior Copywriter at J. Walter Thompson Specialized Communications in Seattle. Before that, wrote full-time, in-house for large direct retailer of software and hardware (Zones, Inc. -- The Mac Zone, The PC Zone, et. al.)


Taproot Foundation Good Gun Foundation


Marketing (a local marketing periodical in the Seattle area -- Larry Coffman, publisher) Media, Inc. (a local marketing periodical in the Seattle area)


BA Communications Degree, University of Washington Course work after college at School of Visual Concepts in Seattle

Awards and Honors

Merit Award -- ADDY EMA Award -- A Recruitment Advertising Industry Award Air Medal -- USAF

Past/Present Clients

Microsoft,, SAFECO, Zones, Inc. Marketing Success and many others

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Recent Answers from Craig Nelson

2010-11-08 copywriting courses:

Sheldon,    I graduated with a communications degree, specializing in advertising, from the University of Washington. Later, I attended some classes at a school that specializes in teaching writers, art

2010-08-16 advertisment career questions:

QUESTION: I understood that copywriting like writing the script for advert the full illustration for the ad specially on tv and radio ?    DON'T UNDERSTAND THE QUESTION. RADIO SOMETIMES CALLED THE COPYWRITER'S

2010-08-15 advertisment career questions:

First of all, your writing background (stories, theatrical, etc.) might help. But, it's important to note that ad copywriting is it's own special craft. Aldous Huxley, who wrote the famous novel BRAVE

2009-06-15 college:

I wouldn't say having a communications degree is a must, but it might help. For the most part, potential employers care more about your portfolio samples than your degree. The best but most time consuming

2009-01-17 catalog writing:

Lynn,    Sorry for the delay in repsonse. I got your message one evening then my computer went wack on me for a couple of days.    I was an in-house copywriter for about a year at Zones, Inc.    I've also


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