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I will answer questions relating to discrimination law or the 14th Amendment, sexual harassment, etc. I can`t give specific legal advice involving specific cases you might have.

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I have worked as an attorney in this area, including several landmark cases involving racial preferences (such as Hopwood v. Texas, University of Michigan v. Gratz and UM v. Grutter).


Former Attorney with the Center for Individual Rights.


Washington Times
Washington Post


JD from University of Michigan Law School

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2015-10-08 Equal Pay for Equal Work:

Under Federal law it has been illegal for a private employer to discriminate based on sex in paying employees for more than 50 years.  The Equal Pay Act of 1963 made such discrimination illegal.  The Civil

2014-05-15 Fired:

Hello,    I have to say up front that I cannot provide specific legal advice in this forum.  Your friend would need to consult an attorney in his jurisdiction to determine exactly what rights he might

2013-11-16 Segregation:

Other than for a couple of years during the Civil War, Chicago never had a school system that was racially segregated by law.  However, it's schools have long been largely divided by race based on where

2013-09-23 Christian Universities and Title VII:

Hello,    Title VII prevents employment discrimination based on race or sex.  It says nothing about discrimination based on sexual preference or someone who chooses to change their sex.  Under federal

2013-06-15 possible sexual harassment?:

Hello,    First let me say that I cannot provide legal advice in this forum, for that, you would need to speak with an attorney licensed to practice in your State.    I can say generally that sexual harassment


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