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Forage-Beef Extension Specialist. Knowledge in almost everything to do with beef and dairy cattle. Strong points include forage production, pasture and rangeland management, grazing management, breeding/calving/weaning, cattle genetics, breeds, feeding and nutrition, starting-up, and most physiological questions. I AM NOT A BOVINE VETERINARIAN; so please any questions that concern serious health of your cattle must be taken to your local large animal veterinarian.

Experience in the area

Part of a farm family that bought, raised, and sold stocker/backgrounder steers; assisted with health management, handling, feeding, pasture management, and forage production. Also worked at local mixed-practice veterinary clinic. Experience with cattle included breeding soundness exams on bulls, castration, fixing prolapses, preg-checking, C-sections, calf pulling, vaccinations, etc. Worked at a local farm and ranch supply store selling medications and feed for livestock. Research assistant for the University of Alberta with range health assessments, and helping with various rangeland research projects. Always learning and gaining more experience as time goes on.


Alberta Farm Express Agri-News and Call of the Land (Alberta Agriculture)


BSc in Agriculture (Animal Science Major) @ University of Alberta, June 2015 graduate, but started studies in 2005. An Sci degree allowed me to specialize and gain significant knowledge in beef & dairy cattle production,animal behaviour and reproduction, ruminant nutrition, forage production/management, rangeland and pasture management & ecology, and plant identification.

Past/Present Clients

Various eef and forage producers in Alberta, CAN

What do you like about this subject?

Cattle are interesting creatures that people take too lightly or don't think much of. They've been both adored and demonized for their quirks and contributions to a changing world, and often come with many misconceptions, from their behaviour to their contributions to natural ecology. I've also been around cattle for most of my life and consider them one of my favourite animals.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Everything. If I haven't learned something new every day I might as well be in a pine box 6 feet under.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

1) There are over 900 breeds of cattle in the world, comprising of two sub-species: Bos primigenius taurus, and Bos primigenius indicus. B.p. taurus is of breeds like Angus and Holstein, and B.p. indicus are breeds like Brahman and Nellore. 2) Cows kill more people per year than sharks.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Cows are good for the planet, especially for grasslands, simply because they are large grazing animals. They convert 80% of what they eat into nutrients for plants, and, managed properly, increase plant vigour and productivity, and even provide habitat for wildlife. They are the reason why the Greater Sage Grouse have come back in the prairies. And yes I have watched Cowspiracy.

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Hello,    You might be better to talk to your vet about  what type of wormers are best to use, as the products available here in Alberta, Canada, are a bit different (and for different parasites, generally)

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Put a couple goldfish in to help clear it up. I hear some barley straw also works.     This link will also help.

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Hi,    Typically weaning is around 6 to 8 months of age, though most opt for 6 months, for either heifers and bull calves. Keep bull and heifer calves separate, and feed them how you would feed your cows


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