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Donna Ruelas-Semasko/Edelweiss Acres


All goat health care, nutrition, judging questions about all goats - packgoats, dairy goats, pygmy goats, meat goats, fleece goats.

Experience in the area

27 years health care/nutrition of all types of goats, 17 years experience in packgoats, 20 years experience in 4H goat projects as leader, superintendent and judge. 20 years experience in putting on goat care/nutrition seminars.


NAPgA, The Evergreen Packgoat Club, 4H, ADGA.


Hobby Farm, many newspapers, 4H newsletters, Packgoat Manuals (youth and general), judging information pamphlets, seminar handouts about health care and nutrition.


4 years of college, ongoing education in goats.

Awards and Honors

Small Farm Award of Thurston County

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Recent Answers from Donna Ruelas-Semasko/Edelweiss Acres

2016-10-16 CL:

Hi there - Yes, would definitely take away the kids as soon as they are born.  That should keep the kids safe.  I usually don't worry about keeping a CL positive goat in with others as long as the abscesses

2016-10-12 CL:

From what I have read there has to be an open wound on a goat to get the contagion transferred to.  So if a goat 50 miles away has an outside abscess and a fly gets some of the CL on it and then the fly

2016-10-12 CL:

Hi there - unfortunately there is no specific time table, and sometimes, often many, you never see an abscess form.  Sometimes an abscess forms inside the goat's body, so you never see it.  So, no help

2016-10-03 MITES:

Ivermectin injectable and pour on just do not work to kill mites and lice.  The only ivermectin that helps is oral horse wormer Zimectrin or other generic type of zimectrin oral horse wormer.  A poultry

2016-09-28 Possible CL.:

Hi there - does not sound like a site where CL lumps are.  This sounds more like a wattle cyst, these can be hard or soft.  Could try a large bore needle and you might get clear cyst liquid out or just


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