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Specializing in New Goat Owner understanding of goat physiology, goat anatomy, goat care and herd management. *I am not a veterinarian, any advice and information should be verified by your veterinarian before administering to your goats. (! During times of severe weather in the Midwest, I may experience a delay in internet service due to the interference of the satellite reception - but will answer your questions as soon as service is restored. !) Note: Keep in mind, the goat expert is volunteering her time to help other goat owners, she also runs her farm with her own herd of 100 goats and may not be at her computer at all hours. Questions are answered as soon as she can possibly read and answer them, usually within 24 hours.

Experience in the area

23 years experience of raising goats and herd management. Active hands on experience with goat herd and research with various Caprine University Research and Extension Centers nationwide. 15 years dedicated to helping other goat breeders/owners with goat anatomy, goat disease and goat health care issues via phone, published goat care articles and internet interaction. The information I have to offer is not only from personal experience and years of research updated often as new information is made available to me, but supported by many Veterinary Research colleges and all medications and information I have to offer on how the medications work and what dosages "I" use, is information I have acquired by discussing directly with the company's veterinarians and staff research experts.


12 year active member of International Veterinary Information Service


United Caprine News, Homesteaders Magazine, Columnist for Goat Magazine, Owner and Author of GoatPedia™


Graduate Programs in Medicine, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Stanford University

What do you like about this subject?

What is there not to love about goats? They are my life! Goats are intelligent and clean animals and show affection easily- they make great farm companions and loving pets. There are also descriptive goat care articles at my website: http://Goat-Link.com

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I want to be able to communicate the Proper goat care information for goat owners so they can care for their goats in the most effective manner possible. In addition , I run a private goat rescue operation and want ot be able to continue this work as long as I possibly can afford to (which is why I opted for the donation button) in case anyone chooses to donate to caring for my rescue goats. :)

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Goats do NOT eat everything. They are fastidious eaters and require good clean mold free hay and fresh clean water daily. *goatlady in the AllExperts Top 25 for April 2008, May 2008, June 2008, July 2008,August 2008, Sept 2008! and November 2008!~ Thank you for your nominations!!!

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Do NOT castrate your kids too young (4 months is a good age to band) , Do NOT disbud too late (when the horn buds first start to break the skin and are about 1/2 inch tall), Know that SafeGuard is for horses and not effective in goats, be aware the kid/lamb milk replacers for bottle babies are the #1 killer of baby goats! Never feed moldy hay or feed. Hug your goats every day.

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Recent Answers from Goatlady

2015-05-22 Fever:

HI Ronald-  what is her rectal temp? 101.5 to 103.5 is normal.. what is she eating in her bottles?  how often do you feed and how much each feeding? these things may be unrelated.  If you are feeding too

2015-05-22 Hurt baby goat:

Hi Hannah  The ears  have many vessels and bleed a lot more than you would expect..  and it looks much worse than it is.. the antibiotic is fine to put on it..  lie neosporin..     Worst thing you can

2015-05-21 hair question:

HI Rita,    Dermatitis is one of the most difficult things to diagnose - esp since I cannot see her..  skin scrapings by the vet is you best bet.. if he suspects external parasites such as mites or lice

2015-05-21 goats:

HI ,  How wet is it there where you are? Could be foot rot.. could be something like a dip or hole in the yard or pasture  they are stepping on/in and twisting their ankle? Could be mud clotted between

2015-05-13 Ivomec sheep drench dosage for goats:

HI Dawn,  You are FAR better off using Ivomec PLUS injectable..  injected SQ..  this is the most effective dewormer - if you have no  pregnant does.. you can use Valbazen oral suspension if you want to


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