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Architectural fabrication and application questions. Railing Specialist!! Self and professional instruction, in Stainless, Brass, Carbon, and Bronze Railings and fabrication. Please no "stick" or structural Q's!! TIG Welding of all metals except for Aluminum. TIG welding questions of all kinds.

Experience in the area

16 Years of Architectural Field installation and fabrication.


NOMMA, metalfab workshop leader.


Certified in all aspects of railing engineering and welding for railings.

Awards and Honors

Architectural Design and Display "Top Job" award for 2 different projects.

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Recent Answers from Dean Stewart

2014-07-24 Welding:

Hi Mike,    As a general guide, I prefer to use a stainless bonding or filler rod & I try to keep 60% of the weld puddle in the 'plain' steel material. Make sure you have a bit of a bevel on the tube piece

2014-07-24 Welding:

Hello Mike,    Yes they can be welded together and with a stick welder as well.    How and which stick you should use would depend on what shapes sizes and alloys are being welded together.    If you can

2012-10-09 Insulation in gun nozzle/shielding gas:

The shielding gas is inert, which means it is non flammable and cannot burn.     If the insulator is missing in the gun, there are other issues that may arise like arcing to the nozzle if you tap the gun

2012-10-08 insulation in gun nozzle being bypasse:

I think I answered this already, and you thanked me for the reply, but the help desk sent me a request to respond again??    Here is a copy of my response on 10/09:    The shielding gas is inert, which

2011-09-28 getting sick while welding:

Hi Chad, Hopefully I can help here.    When you weld any parts together it is typical to remove any coatings rust etc..that are on the materials that you are welding, therefore only welding metal to metal


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