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Charles (Chip) Norris

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returns 12/31/2018

I have over 20 years experience in virology and immunology. I can answer questions on general health, mating and diseases within the feline world.

Experience in the area

I have written over 20 articles and carried out 10 major presentations on immunology and virology in companion animals. I have also peer reviewed over 100 separate articles in a variety of journals and publications in Europe, the USA and Australia.


Journal of Virology, Journal of Immunology. Companion animals health


BSc MSc in Chemistry and Biology. PhD inMicrobiology. Certificate in veterinary medicine

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arjay02/26/14101010Thanks for tha info. :)
Madiha04/10/13101010he gives very detailed explanation to our .....
Emma01/19/13101010Hiya Thanks very much for your advice .....

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2014-01-29 cat pregnancy.:

Initial stage of feline pregnancy is that the teats will become pink on or after the 21st day of mating.  There would be no blood loss nor would there be any allopecia.  I am not sure what you want to

2013-05-05 newborn:

Hi Kasadee  Well done to you and mum.  The fact that Athena has now taken over looking after Destiny means the odds are now in her favour of surviving. You are not out of the woods yet but you are going

2013-05-05 newborn:

Hi Kasadee    Your young kitten MAY ( I am not certain because I have not examined the baby so I say MAY) have encephalitis a swelling in the brain. If the kitten is still surviving then you need to keep

2013-02-03 Fur & Skin Issue:

Hi  You didn't identify your cat's breed.  If she is showing dandruff or dull coat there may well be a deficiency in her diet but it could also be a medical condition.  Check the type of shampoo that you

2013-01-18 Cat has runs after having kittens:

Hi Emma  This is normal as she is also cleaning the behinds of her kittens so she will be eating and then discarding their poo. It is sometimes the case that their poo does not sit well with mum so she


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