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I can help with breeding cats, raising kittens, cattery management,showing cats.

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I have been a cat breeder for 18 years. I am a registered nurse, and taught pharmacology. I show cats in CFA. I have maintained a cattery of excellence and raise healthy well socialized kittens.


CFA, International Havana Brown Society National Siamese Cat Club


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Diploma in nursing, BS in Psychology MS in Psychology.

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2017-02-20 Cat pregnancy difficulties:

The cat needs to go to the vets.  the foul discharge etc is indicating infection.  She must be treated or you can lose the cat and her kittens.  If you cannot affort a vet then the cat should be spayed

2017-01-10 trying to identify my cat:

I would be glad to look at the    I can tell you it is not a havana brown  as all havana browns are  BROWN solid .  I suspect it is a mixed breed...maybe I can see what breeds

2016-07-18 Pregnant mother with a kitten:

No  he needs to be taken away from her now.  she needs all of her milk for her new babies coming and he should be eating high quality kitten food.    She should be kept in a quiet room with a nest box

2016-07-18 Pregnant mother with a kitten:

I would keep mom and her current kitten indoors... please.   too dangerous outside to have babies.  She can be spayed once the kittens eat from a dish 4-5 weeks.  get the male baby neutered  when he is

2016-06-19 Pregnant cat:

That is very difficult to answer.    First of all you can feel kittens moving for at least the last 3 weeks,  their nipples are large and pink after the first 3 weeks of pregancy.  So none of that is a


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