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Ask me anything about rescue and adoption. I've been involved in rescue for over twenty years. I have experience in rehabbing abused dogs, adoptions and rescue efforts.

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I've run my own rescue for over twenty years. I have experience with timid and/or aggressive dogs. I have a 99% successful adoption rate. I am a hands on and out of my home rescuer.


I've written numerous (published) open letters to the local papers.


It's been a hands on experience. Though I have read and continue to read everything I can on the topic.

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Recent Answers from Ruthie Augustein

2016-11-07 Rescuing a timid cat:

Hi Jenny,  First thanks for your work with animals and your desire to help this one.  The best way to catch this cat would be to borrow a humane trap from the humane society, aspca,etc. It's a large cage

2016-02-16 Foster Dog resisting previous commercial food:

Hi Christine,   So nice of you to care for you sisters dog. Any change in his diet can cause stomach upset and diarrhea. He may just be upset the he isn't at home. Sometimes pets will stop eating when

2015-10-12 Feral cat:

Thank you for helping the cats. So many are abused, neglected and forgotten about. You have a good heart!  If you can borrow a humane trap from a local animal shelter it will allow you to catch him. If

2015-08-27 Indian palm squirrel in risk:

Thank you for getting this squirrel to safety. Please call your local wildlife rehab person. This page will help you find one in your area. These are people trained and licensed to take care of sick or

2015-01-01 Rescue dog behavior:

Hi Amy,  Glad to hear they eat well together. Makes me wonder if the fight was caused from him trying to mount her again. Whatever caused it, it sounds like they found some kind of peace. I hope that it


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