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My experience is targeted towards rabbit rescue and shelter rabbits. I can help you also with general information on how rescue groups and shelters work with respect to rabbits.

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Several years of volunteering at local animal shelters with abandoned/surrendered rabbits. Several years of voluteering with rabbit rescue groups on various events.


House Rabbit Society, WI House Rabbit Society


BSEE/MSEE, Marquette University

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2011-02-09 Rabbits Lack Love?:

hi,    well, yes a bit it helps.    If they are 9 months old now, they are sexually mature.  I am guessing they are still intact (not spayed/neutered).  Their hormone levels being so high may affect how

2011-02-09 Rabbits Lack Love?:

Hi,    you don't mention how you came to have these two, I don't know if they are from a pet store, a breeder, or a shelter.  That makes a difference.  Or how old they are.    Rabbits are prey animals

2011-01-07 Rabbit Shelter/Rescue:

Hi,    don't want to discourage you but rather lay out a few things to consider while attempting to set this up.    1. You will go through a lot of money quickly.  Many rabbits turned in are in need of

2010-09-01 Ferret rescue home:

Hi,    not being a lawyer and not being from Texas, I can only tell you where I'd start.    I'd probably start with a shelter or rescue group down there that would talk to me and ask them some questions

2010-04-09 Home for my 1 yr old Carin Terrier:

Hi,    sorry about that, I didn't catch the "terrier" in your subject line.  Either way I probably would have been confused as the dog web sites I just looked up spell it "Cairn" not "Carin" like the bird


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