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General crop production, pesticides

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Forensic Agronomist. Consulting Agronomist for 30 year


American Society of Agronomy


BS Agronomy, Range Science

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Recent Answers from Dale Softley

2016-08-11 potato toxicity:

Like you I have always been told the sprouts are toxic. I found this information. I have no direct knowledge of this. Sorry for the delay. Feel free to contact me directly and I will try to answer questions

2016-03-12 pH and soil EC testing:

There are several commercial labs that do this for a small fee. pH can be adjusted with sulphur or lime depending which direction you need to move it. EC is a different story, salts can be washed below

2015-08-15 apples:

It would take several pages to fully answer your question.CaCl will do a good job if using food grade product.  Using lesser grades may injure you apples. the site below addresses what I think is your

2015-06-09 Cabbages:

The quick answer is no, but there are caveats to that. Give me a few days to compose a better answer. They are close relatives.  Are you a student working on a project?  My direct e-mail is dale@softley

2014-08-21 Corn only a mother could love:

That is a pollination issue. I suspect insect may have damaged the silks but do not see any larval damage on the cob. Were there small yellow beetles working in the silks at pollination time?  That is


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