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I can answer questions about choosing a midwife, the different types of midwives, whether hiring a midwife is the right choice for you, history of midwifery, midwifery beliefs and practices, and where to find a good midwife. I can also answer questions about giving birth at home with a midwife.

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I am studying to be a midwife. I gave birth four times with midwives, two at home, and have experience with different types of midwives.


I am studying to be a midwife.

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2015-04-13 sex and pregnancy:

Hello, Anita.  I can't give medical advice for you directly, but in general, sex is safe during pregnancy as long as your waters aren't broken.  Also, the cervix is like a 4 centimeter long tube during

2015-02-13 cervical cerclage:

Hi, Sema,  Circlage can help prevent you from dilating.  I can't prescribe or diagnose via the internet, of course, but I can suggest questions that you can ask your doctor.  Perhaps find out why you're

2014-09-27 Vernix - Leaving it on for 24 hours:

Hi, Louisa!  First of all, best of luck and congratulations on your upcoming birth.  Vernix is a goopy coating that protects the baby from becoming all pruney inside - being that it's floating in fluid

2014-06-20 Vbac:

Dear Amna,  There is no way to guarantee that you have a VBAC. I would suggest hiring a doula to help you and stay with you throughout your labor and delivery. She will help you cope with the pain, and

2014-05-07 ??!:

If your cycles vary from 26-31 days then you could have conceived anywhere between Sept 27 - October 3rd. Generally if your cycle is 28 days long you can get pregnant from days 12-16. Since your cycles


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