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Any questions relating to the composition of parliament, the workings of parliament and national, special, local and regional elections

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Stood in the local elections of June 2004 and have data going back to 1950 for the UK parliament and 1832 for Welsh constituencies


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Demetrius08/18/12101010Mr. Hayfield is honest with his answers .....
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2015-05-31 Executive,Legislature and Judiciary.:

When it comes to matters of the judiciary, as I am not involved in the judiciary I can only say what I know to be the case. The Prime Minister is often asked to make a decision where no policy exists,

2015-05-31 Executive,Legislature and Judiciary.:

2) Yes and No. It can be a little complicated to explain but the votes cast in a general election bear no resemblance to the government that is created. As an example in 2010, the Conservative Party won

2015-05-31 Executive,Legislature and Judiciary.:

1) No, because the UK does not have a constitution  2) No, the Prime Minister is the leader of the party / coalition who is able to command a majority in the House, there is no vote to confirm a Prime

2015-02-23 Political Science:

Well, I am not sure if they are available in Brazil, but if you are able to buy them via eBay I would recommend any books by Professors Thrasher and Rallings from Plymouth University in conjunction with

2011-10-18 Royal Upbringing:

The Prince of Wales is the first born son of the current Monarch (in the future the Duke of Cambridge will become Prince of Wales) and as a result the first port of call is usually a school such as Eton


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