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My focus in PHP has been calculations, reporting, database manipulation (MySQL), automated scripting, screen scraping, and tracking systems. A summary of my business is posted at

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I've been programming in many languages for over 15 years, but the last several years I've focused on php for websites and perl for data processing. I've posted several tricks I've learned at


I have a bachelors degree and a masters degree, both in electrical engineering from Arizona State University.

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Recent Answers from Robert Davis

2017-03-22 PHP Script Followup:

If there are many folders, you might try adding an inner loop to go into each subdirectory, something like this:  if (file_exists($folderName)) {    foreach (new DirectoryIterator($folderName) as $fileInfo)

2017-03-22 PHP Script Followup:

Hi Nathan,  My first guess would be a permission issue, but you can change this:  unlink(...)  to this:  $deleted = unlink(...)  if ($deleted) echo "file was deleted";  else echo "file was not deleted"

2017-03-08 PHP Script Question:

Hi Nathan,  It looks to me like this code (saved in a file like deleteAfter2Weeks.php) would do the trick:  <?php  $folderName = "/cameras";  if (file_exists($folderName)) {      foreach (new DirectoryIterator($folderName)

2013-08-29 issue with sqli object in php code:

Hello Ashish,  I would recommend following the example in the mysqli quick start guide at  $mysqli = new mysqli("", "user", "password"

2013-06-27 PHP if statements inside a SQL query:

Hi TD,  Your $query is a string variable, so if you want parts of it to be dynamic you'll need to close the string before each if statement and append to it as needed (and if you are not escaping your


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