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Any and everything related to PHP4 and PHP5. I specialize in functional, readable, scalable object oriented code, and can answer your troublesome class and object questions.

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5 years developing in PHP using flat files and databases (MySQL, Oracle) Lead PHP developer for a very large Texas based web hosting company The coder behind some of the largest pet communities online.



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Recent Answers from Kevin Cackler

2014-08-27 cakephp:

If you are using the CakePHP Email component ( then you'll need to be sure to set the 'sendAs' property to either 'html' or 'both' before

2013-06-24 PHP Scraper:

Hey, John. I apologize for the slow reply. I was out of town and forgot to set my status to on vacation.    For your problem, I'm not sure at first glance where the issue is, but that's OK! Regular expressions

2013-05-09 uploading images in PHP:

I can't troubleshoot much without seeing the code, but I can tell you what that error means.    Somewhere in your upload script, you're calling move_upload_file() on the uploaded file and PHP is basically

2013-03-31 Parse error:

Your error is right here:    if (!in_array($tmp_action, $disallowed_paths) && file_exists("templates/{$tmp_action}.php))    If you look closely, you'll see that you're missing your second

2013-03-28 Dynamic sites:

I believe you've already figured this out, but I will answer this anyway. The PHP include() directive will follow your directory structure when including your file. So, if your structure was like this:


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