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I can answer everything PHP.

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10 years of web development with over 5 years with PHP.


R&D Muscat Oman. Reality CG Oman Universal Coders


Bachelors in Computer engineering from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (now COMSATS University)

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2014-10-09 Am I on right track?:

Yeah     I meant the same thing, thats why I asked for the mySQL schema, to have a look at it and suggest things if any. Multiple SQL queries are not a good idea btw. You should always do it via joins

2014-10-07 How to properly filter my records:

Hey Jeric     The SQL code looks fine to me. Can you export the SQL schema for the respective table and upload it on dropbox or anywhere and send me the link? Thats how I can confirm if its a good way

2014-06-22 PHP variables into C variables:

Well, there is no direct way of doing it. PHP does that automatically. It detects the type of variable by the value its initialised with and takes care of memory management itself.     Please read http://www

2014-04-30 Get output on same page when submit data in php:

Hi Atlas    Sorry for the late response.     I think you are using POST to submit data. If so, its very easy, just use PHP redirect to redirect to any URL of choice    You can also send GET parameters

2014-03-05 php:

You are correct    Yes, PHP is language used for web development. You can install it on any platform and yes, the computer which has an Apache / PHP installation can be used as a web server.     For example


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