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I will answer all questions related to movie soundtracks. I will search the internet high and low to give you the best answer if I cannot solve it myself.

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I own alot of movie soundtracks ever since I have been interested in them. I watch certain movies over and over because of the score.


Currently attending Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario Canada. I am taking Computer Networking.

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2007-11-08 music for movie:

The best answer I can give you is to search or .com to find these compositions that you are looking for. I cannot suggest any p2p downloading software because that would go against the rights

2007-09-08 The Lion King lyric:

Nants ingonyama bagithi baba (There comes a lion)   Sithi uhhmm ingonyama (Oh yes, it's a lion)     Nants ingonyama bagithi baba   Sithi uhhmm ingonyama   Ingonyama     Siyo Nqoba (We're going to conquer)

2007-05-31 Background music:

Sorry for the lateness, I've been getting alot of questions lately. Anywho, I would say to look at the Lord of the Rings Soundtracks, as they contain some of the best battle songs. Also Chronicles of Narnia

2007-05-29 Background music:

I know alot of movies that have battle music. E-mail me what you are looking for specifically and I will help you further

2007-05-09 Soundtrack to Jane Austen's Persuasion w/ Amanda Root:

You're right, there is no soundtrack for this specific film. Most of the times its because the studio doesnt think the soundtrack will sell or because the movie didnt do well in theatres. The best answer


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