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Answer auestions on parliamentary procedure and rules of order for organizations. These are the rules by which a deliberative body (private clubs, parliament, legislatures, senates, social organizations, etc.) conduct business. Expertise is primarily in American parliamentary procedure but can answer questions on world-wide deliberative bodies. Research on parliamentary procedure books.

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2014-12-18 Signing minutes:

The submitted minutes are a 'report'      While the secretary has the duty to take notes, write up, and present the minutes to the organization -- if the secretary does not do the minutes

2014-08-06 Order of speakers in a debate:

There is no such rule in Robert's Rules of Order Newly revised although the organization can adopt a special rule of order to make this a standard procedure for the organization.  However - see my 'However'

2014-03-21 Agenda at a public meeting?:

If this was a regular meeting then you almost certainly should have been able to bring up a business item.  The background reason for this is that the introduction and taking care of business is why regular

2012-03-29 Vote to sustain an appeal of the decision of the chair:

It takes a simple majority (of the negative votes) to overturn a chair's decision.    Under most parliamentary authorities (Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, Demeter, Standard Code, etc.) a majority

2010-03-18 Church vote:

Brandon,    To determine the number of affirmative votes needed (for other than a majority vote)is to multiply the percentage requirement (3/4 or 75%) against the total number of those voting.  If 51 people


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