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My experience is mostly with 19th century American clocks. I can answer repair questions and can identify most clocks of this period. I cannot answer questions about non-American clocks.

Experience in the area

Many years buying, selling, and collecting American clocks.


NAWCC 14,915


No formal education in this area.

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Recent Answers from Barry W Macomber

2016-10-30 number of teeth on escapement wheel:

Waterbury used a couple different movements in their gingerbreads. The earlier type is 3 1/8" between winding arbors (center to center). I have one of these marked 6 1/2". It has a 39 tooth EW. I also

2016-09-11 Sessions regulator #2:

Your dates are good. E.N. Welch became Sessions in 1903. I suspect it is fully wound. It should wind counter clockwise. It should have an even bet, which is more important than having it perfectly level

2016-06-19 Seth Thomas:

This is a fairly late item - probably 1930's-60's. A Seth Thomas from this era could have a German movement. I can't tell without looking inside. An American movement would be better. Copy and paste this

2016-05-12 Grandfather clock chimes are off:

Many of these clocks are self-correcting and it might just need to run and chime a few hours. If not, you can remove the right hand weight which will silence the chime. Them wait until the time agrees

2015-12-12 Seth Thomas strikes hour on the half-hour:

What has happened is that the strike ran down before the time so the clock kept running but not striking. To correct this you must push the minute hand right past either the hour or half hour and on to


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