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My experience is mostly with 19th century American clocks. I can answer repair questions and can identify most clocks of this period. I cannot answer questions about non-American clocks.

Experience in the area

Many years buying, selling, and collecting American clocks.


NAWCC 14,915


No formal education in this area.

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Recent Answers from Barry W Macomber

2017-03-19 Waterbury clock:

I was unable to find a Waterbury like this but it probably is. Clock companies copied designs from each other. The picture I am sending is of an Ansonia called Monarch. Your glass should be decorated.

2016-10-30 number of teeth on escapement wheel:

Waterbury used a couple different movements in their gingerbreads. The earlier type is 3 1/8" between winding arbors (center to center). I have one of these marked 6 1/2". It has a 39 tooth EW. I also

2016-09-11 Sessions regulator #2:

Your dates are good. E.N. Welch became Sessions in 1903. I suspect it is fully wound. It should wind counter clockwise. It should have an even bet, which is more important than having it perfectly level

2016-06-19 Seth Thomas:

This is a fairly late item - probably 1930's-60's. A Seth Thomas from this era could have a German movement. I can't tell without looking inside. An American movement would be better. Copy and paste this

2016-05-12 Grandfather clock chimes are off:

Many of these clocks are self-correcting and it might just need to run and chime a few hours. If not, you can remove the right hand weight which will silence the chime. Them wait until the time agrees


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