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All question's on bricklaying, stone work ,slab and paving laying concreting plastering renderwork.Setting out with Total Stations from greenfield site to building completion, In the UK only

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2014-01-10 Retaining wall:

James,    First obvious task would be to assess what the cause is and remedy.  Without proper information I would have to hazard a guess.Guessing is not my business.  If it is the earth that's being retained

2011-12-06 Paver brick tire marks:

Beryl,    Try using diluted brickclean acid(diluted hydrocloric ) and agitiate vigirously then pressure wash.You should get this from your local DIY.  If this fails use an abrasive disc or floor dander

2009-09-16 Mortar:

Raymond,      If you can under your contract with the builder , have them return and dismantle and rebuild the brick walling.  It appears the tenting protection and induced heat has failed and the mortar

2009-09-13 laying brick over concrete:

Hi Susan      You would fill the horizontal and vertical joints with sand and cement mortar.  Depending on the strength of the bricks you would have to clarify but as general rule the mortar has to be

2009-09-12 brick masonry:

In answer to your question as follows    1  frogs are laid depending on the type of brick and frog.  Mainly they should be laid frog uppermost and filled .  Bricklayers sometimes lay them down so as to


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