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We can answer all autograph-related questions including authentication, appraisals, investments, and collecting questions. Please DO NOT send questions regarding through the mail addresses as we have no answers on this. Our primary focus is obtaining in-person autographs, especially that relating to musicians. We are not going to be the greatest of help in deceased stars when it comes to authenticity however we have a broad knowledge in the industry so I'm sure we can be of some assistance.

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In-person collector and dealer for over 10 years. We have become one of the largest autographed guitar distributors in the world and have items consigned to all the top auction houses. We have worked side by side with most of the top autograph dealers in the nation and follow all major auction house results and offerings. Having witnessed 1000s of in-person signings, we have the knowledge and experience to authenticate, appraise, and advise in most areas of the autograph field.


UACC, Better Business Bureau


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in-person collecting based out of all of New England, especially that of NYC (Manhattan). Extensive database of in-person signatures from the past 7 years numbering in the 1000s with multiple examples from many of the top celebrities in the world.

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UACC Registered Dealer Better Business Bureau Accredited Dealer

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Bryan06/03/14101010Thank you Mike for your expert advise .....
Bryan03/03/14101010Thank you so much Michael! That's GREAT .....
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Recent Answers from Michael Kasmar

2014-12-08 Autographed Baseball photo:

From a quick search it appears SCAA is on eBay's list of banned COAs which is NOT a good sign.

2014-05-04 What is the Value of Autographed 2003 Gibson Epi Les Paul Special:

Just for clarity, this would be consigned through Autograph Pros LLC, a volunteer on All Experts.  While our company name is as rock solid as it gets in the music industry, we've won the 2011 UACC Autograph

2014-03-02 What is the Value of Autographed 2003 Gibson Epi Les Paul Special:

Retail value is $3000-$5000 .  It really depends if you get the right buyers and put it in the right market.  I mean, if you put that on eBay you're lucky to get $1000.  Please let me know if you are interested

2014-02-16 What is the Value of Autographed 2003 Gibson Epi Les Paul Special:

uUnfortunately there are a few variables that I need to know in order to give you a proper appraisal.... first is the exact  model of the guitar as well as the retail value next I would need to know if

2013-08-25 Alice In Chains Signed Jerry Cantrell Guitar:

If the guitars are Jerry Cantrell signature edition guitars, you can add approximately $500 to each of the guitars for the autographs as a retail value. Again, that figure is relative and dependent on


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