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Debbie Ducommun

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I can answer any questions about pet rats, but you will probably be able find answers to simple questions more quickly on my website at If you have a life-threatening emergency you can try calling me at 530-899-0605. I am not usually on the computer on the weekend.

Experience in the area

I have been "The Rat Lady" since 1985 and am recognized as one of the world's experts on pet rats. I have 3 published books and already answer lots of questions about rats daily.


President of Rat Assistance & Teaching Society


I am a monthly columnist for Pet Business magazine, and my writing has appeared in other magazines. I have 3 published books.


BA in Animal Behavior

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2014-11-21 Weak rat:

Okay, I'm glad his coordination is okay. You didn't write essays! But I'm going to send you a lot of info!  Deb    The most common cause of weakness in the hind legs of a rat is spinal nerve root degeneration

2014-11-20 Weak rat:

Hi Jay,  I don't know why your vet told you not to hold your sick rat. That is ridiculous. If he wants your attention, give it to him.    How old is this rat? Does his coordination seem bad? An inner ear

2014-11-04 Orbifloxacin?:

Hi Lee,  I have not personally used orbifloxacin, and I don't know the best rat dose for it. It is in the same family as Baytril, whose generic name is enrofloxacin. Since we know the best doses for Baytril

2014-11-04 Gender:

Hi Jennifer,  This looks like a girl. Separate her immediately. If you're lucky, she isn't pregnant yet.    The most definite test is to press down gently on either side of what appears to be a penis (the

2014-10-27 Young rat acting strange, sluggish:

Hi Tierney,  The most common health problem in young rats is a secondary bacterial infection (secondary to myco), which doesn't always have respiratory symptoms. One of the main symptoms is lethargy. So


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