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New to AllExperts as of December 03,2006. I'm looking forward to helping you with your Pet Rat questions. I've had experience in all areas of care so I can answer questions on wild rats, the history of pet rats, training and behavior, rats in the media (care books, fiction, movies, on the internet), Holistic care as well as health issues, breeding, sexing babies, types of rats, colors of rats, general care, food and treats, cages, bedding, toys and entertainment, etc. I cannot possibly know everything about pet rats but I have some very reliable resources to help me answer your questions. I cannot answer questions on genetics. I still go by phenotype to identify my rats. My website: Sandra Beasley and the Spaz Rats

Experience in the area

When I first got into keeping rats as pets in 1997 I delved head-long into learning everything I could find on them. I continue to educate myself on every aspect of rats and rat keeping.


DREAMS (Domestic Rat Enthusiast Association of Manitoba and Saskatchewan)




Self-taught with devotion to pet rats. I belong to many rat-only pet forums, learning from other rat-lovers around the world.

Awards and Honors


Past/Present Clients

Any other pet rat keepers that I talk to on the forums that I belong to. Pet rat keepers and pet stores that seek my advice.

What do you like about this subject?

I'm just head over heels in love with pet rats. They are the most facinating small animal I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and living with.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I hope to one day achieve my goal of having an all encompassing website devoted to pet rats. I can never stop learning about pet rats. The more I already know, the more I want to learn.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Pet rats can achieve the intelligence level of a three year old child. They display the combined behavior and antics of rodents, cats, dogs, human children, and monkeys.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

If you allow them to be, our pet rats are very clean animals, grooming themselves more often then cats do. The coat of a Male rat can smell like warm taco chips. The coat of a Female rat can smell like grape soda.

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Recent Answers from Sandra Beasley

2015-02-28 spontaneous vaginal bleeding in pregnant rat:

Sheriff, can you please e-mail me at    I have forwarded your question to a few of my Pet Rat groups to get more info for you.    It is not fully understood what type of rat you are using

2015-02-25 Rat food:

Rice Chex only as a treat. Rats are omnivorous so they can eat a wide variety of foods. A quality Pet Rat seed and grain mix, or Lab blocks, and a high quality diet such as you yourself would eat are all

2013-01-05 rat tail /skin problem:

Thank you for including the images, they help a lot. It looks like you rat has mites. The lump on her tail are the mites burrowing under the tail scales and possibly causing an infection there. The marks

2011-05-02 Large lump on tail:

Thank you for sending the picture, it helped a lot. This does look like an infection and a serious one. Infections in the tail can affect the tiny bones and destroy them so this needs to be attended to

2011-04-08 need advice for a pet female rat:

It sounds like your girl has pnuemonia, a secondary infection of Mycoplasmosis. Since there are no vets to help you I would really like it if you joined my Holistarat group and we can give you on-going


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