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Can answer: All type of questions related to TaeKwonDo physical preperation and best training methods. Questions related to levels of TaeKwonDo belts and how to go through them all the way to black belt. Question related to training from getting into the TaeKwonDo gym till leaving. Self defense in TaeKwonDo and demonstration tips. Can not answer: Questions related to tournaments. I have never been into tournaments style since tourmanemts style is not helpful at all in street fights.

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4th Degree Black Belt with an Instructor Certificate obtained from the World TaeKwonDo Federation in Korea,Seoul.


Engineering in telecommunication company


Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering

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2013-02-02 New Joinee in the field of Tae Kwan Do.:

Hi Sulabh,    At this age, you can be flexible and have smooth movement in at most a year.    You just need to take it slowly. Don't rush things and don't be upset if you can't kick properly in a week

2012-02-19 Taekwondo and self defense:

Hello,    TKD can help you defend yourself if you go to the right school. You will have to ask this question to the school instructor or master himself. In General, TKD as in it's pure nature is a great

2012-02-01 Questions:

Hi.. self defense inTKD depends on the school and objectives and goals of the instructor. There are nowadays three different types of schools. One where u learn how to win in competitions. One where you

2011-10-31 Help:

Hi Michael,    I don't understand what you want me to explain. Instructor is telling you to do things and you execute them to practice on speed, strength, elasticity, etc... If you want to understand why

2011-10-29 Taekwondo Training:

Hi Michael,    Please elaborate more on your question. Focus pads drills are easy and straight forward.    - You can do a chain of round-house kicks with a partner.  - You can round-house spinning round-house


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