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I can answer questions related to TaeKwonDo. i.e. different styles, looking for a school, benefits of TaeKwonDo training.

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I have over 30 years of experience in TaeKwonDo and hold a Seventh Degree Black Belt. I have also been teaching TaeKwonDo for over 25 years. I also have a degree in Psychology and have worked with special needs students


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Seventh Degree Black Belt B.A. in Psychology

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Kat03/25/12101010Thank you very much.
Simone 03/15/12101010Thank you very much for the reply .....
Denise Speidel10/17/07101010Thank you so much!

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2012-03-28 Tae Kwon Do fighting stance/style.:

Taylor-     Thank you for your question.  Without seeing an actual video of your sparring, it is hard to really analyze your stance.  Based on what I saw on the YouTube video, I didn't see any problems

2012-03-14 Tae Kwon Do and Applying to Colleges:

Simone-     Thank you for your email.  Most colleges have a required essay as part of the admission process.  If the college she applies for allows it, I would suggest that she write her essay about her

2011-09-27 Help:

Michael-      Thank you for your email. The first drill you described sounds like a focus and speed drill.  I assume you are encouraged to react as quickly as possible when your instructor signals you

2011-05-08 taekwondo:

Kevin-     In general I would not recommend wearing ankle weights to increase kicking speed. Wearing weights while kicking can put pressure on your hips and knees.  If you want to increase kicking speed

2010-07-06 college self defense:

Kathy-      Thank you for your question. If a woman is being attacked by a man, the groin area is a viable target area.  The problem arises when an attacker is under the influence of drugs.  In that case


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