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Dr. Timothy K. Durnin

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Any and all questions relating to the diagnosis, treatment and recommendations regarding arthritis of all types.

Experience in the area

16 years of Medical and Chiropractic practice treating and managing various arthropathies with extensive experience in both in and out patient care.


ACA, American Association of Spinal Physicians, ICS, Presidential Cabinet member National University of Health Sciences.




Licensed physician in Illinois, B.S./D.C. Co-admitting staff at level I Trauma center 14 yrs. Owner and affiliated with 24 multidisciplinary facilities throughout the Chicago area. Board Certified AMA impairment ratings.

Awards and Honors

Several newspaper publications and columns on health and fitness, Who's Who, JMPT publications, Phi Theta Kappa

Past/Present Clients

Chicago Bulls and several other high profile athletes

What do you like about this subject?

There are options that don't cost your health, you just need to know which ones.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Educate people on the facts.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

OA is curable.

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Recent Answers from Dr. Timothy K. Durnin

2017-01-02 Very Sore Hips with OA and Injury:

Hi Dave,    This is an easy one and a very common type of question I receive. I definitely agree that stretching only is good while avoiding other exercise . Avoid taking NSAIDs since they have been shown

2016-08-31 Osteoarthritis in Knee:

Hi Marcia,     There is still debate on which is better but little debate that both are proven to work better than anything else offered. Short answer is get it in any proportion in liquid or powder filled

2008-10-04 Knee injury:

Hi Alisson,     You sustained blunt trauma to the back of the knee cap causing swelling and inflammation, this will subside with time. One thing to note is you may develop sub-patellar bursitis and chondomalacia

2007-12-13 young knees going bad!:

Hi Jeremiah,    It could be a VMO weakness, chondromalacia patella (softening of the cartilage under the knee cap), Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, or some other inflammatory arthropathy. he only way to know

2007-11-30 Hand operation for arthritis:

Hi Steve,    Yes, your friend is correct, all surgery will do is create scar tissue and possibly render the entire hands useless. It is probably too late for the thumb but the other joints can be saved


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