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Questions regarding husbandry of Russian tortoises and other Mediterranean species, sulcata, and redfoot tortoises; general tortoise and turtle care; box turtle care. If I can't answer a specific question, I can provide sources for further research. Disclaimer: My advice is not a substitute for vet care. If I think your tortoise/turtle has a specific medical condition or injury that warrants a vet visit, I'll tell you so, and if possible I'll help you locate a vet. It is neither legal nor ethical for me to provide veterinary advice.

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I have kept and bred Russian tortoises for over ten years and have other Mediterranean species plus redfoots and box turtles. I've worked with other tortoise and turtle species while doing volunteer rescue work; mostly sulcata but some leopards, California desert tortoises, yellowfoots, all box turtle species, red-eared sliders, etc. I don't personally keep aquatic species, but have access to a wealth of information and research to help you with any questions you might have.


My knowledge is based on hands-on experience keeping, breeding, and working with tortoises and turtles.

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Every day is a new learning opportunity. I enjoy observing my tortoises and gaining new insights into their habits and behavior.

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2016-10-21 African sideneck turtles:

Hi Alex,    Could you please clarify what you wrote, because I think there's a mistake.  How big is your tank?  You said a gallon, but that can't be right.  I can't imagine how you could fit any turtle

2016-10-20 Found turtle:

Hi Janet,    It would help if I knew what species the turtle is, or could see a picture. If it's not a box turtle, it can be released near the closest body of water. If it's a box turtle, it should be

2016-10-13 Turtle Dying:

Using a basking/heat bulb is fine, BUT you need to know the temperature (on the surface, under the bulb).  Too hot is just as bad as too cool, and if he's too lethargic to move, he could overheat and die

2016-10-12 Razorback Musk Turtle Tilting Head:

Hi Kevin,    I'm not quite sure what you mean by "backwards," but they do often hold their heads at least perpendicular to the bottom, so I wouldn't say it's abnormal.  If your turtle is acting normally

2016-10-12 Turtle Dying:

Well, first off, don't get pets if you can't obtain vet care for them.  If you must have them, then it is your responsibility to research proper care (there is information all over the internet) so they


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