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I can answer any and all questions about snakes, whether its how to pick the right snake for your needs and wants, eating and temperature issues, health problems ( I can not give a diagnosis or make up for vetrinary treatment but can give options on what to do). I can also answer any questions on breeding snakes, what it entitles, what you can expect, I know quite a bit about any products for snakes and their husbandry.

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I currently keep over 150 snakes, I keep everything from ball pyhtons, to retics to green tree pythons. I have been around them my whole life due to a family interest in breeding them. I have researched, purchased, and delt with just about every snake, product and issue you can run into.


Although I do not have a degree in herpatology, I have been around snakes my whole life and through books, research and life I know alot about them.

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Terri07/19/15101010Amber has been very helpful both times .....

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2015-09-08 My California Mountain Kingsnake...somethings wrong:

Sorry to say, but there really is no help that you can get via the web.     Generally when a snake becomes lethargic, it's Some thing serious, as they are hardy animals.     For starters, only a vet can

2015-09-03 very active snake:

Forgive any off words, as I'm typing on my phone and it has a mind of its own..    First off, colubrids have very high metabolism, even though that usually decreases in age (especially after 1 year). Some

2015-08-30 Help In identifying this snake if possible.:

Unfortunately I do not know, it could be a species of cobra. But the head is smashed and so it is hard to tell. This is a very base look for snakes, as it could be a few species. I do not deal with species

2015-08-23 Graybanded kingsnake:

Honestly there is nothing that can be done unless a vet sees him. But he is up in age so yes he could be passing due to old age.    If his mouth seems messed up it could be mouth rot, which a vet would

2015-08-19 Concerned for health of garder snake in my yard:

I'm sure it did. They can do some weird things. You have no idea how many times I have had people call saying they found a dead "rattlesnake" and I get there and it's a hognose that was just playing dead


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