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Fred Weldin


All aspects of International Mechanical Code, International Energy Conservation Code and International Fuel Gas Code.

Experience in the area

I now troubleshoot existing H&AC installations and design H&AC systems and oversee their installations. I have 23 years experience as a H&AC contractor, and I've worked with the tools as a plumber-pipefitter. I'm certified by ICC as a Commercial Mechanical Inspector.




B of ME, numerous factory schools (York, Honeywell, etc.) and Code seminars.

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2014-03-02 water heater vent:

Patrick:    You caught me away from home, just returned last night.    You know, there's a possibility of burning your home down here. You really should bring in a licensed plumbing contractor to help

2013-11-17 New Furnace Placement-Base:

Frank:    Was the HVAC company's name "Goldberg" (as in Rube)? I assume that's an upflow furnace, and that the duct shown is the return. If so, the return is restricted; check your IOM, there should be

2013-04-19 Electric Water replacement in Florida:

Although I began as a plumber in 1958, I do very little plumbing installation or design today.    A pan is required where the leaking water "will cause damage to the structure or surrounding property"

2013-03-19 Tee into existing l.p. line:

James:    1/2" is only good for 89,000 BTU/Hour at 40 feet. If the dryer and range are less than that, you should be OK. If not, you'll need 5/8" (155 MBH) or 3/4" (220 MBH) incoming to the tee. 2009 IFGC

2012-07-02 Laundry room ventilaton:

Janet:    Exhaust discharges must not cause a nuisance. The lint in this discharge is combustible, presenting a serious fire hazard. The dryer exhaust(s) must terminate at least 10 feet from property lines


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