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I can answer detailed questions on living in or traveling to Turkey as a foreigner, doing business in Turkey, and also detailed questions about news, current affairs, politics, finance, trends, culture etc. My business means I need to "stay in the know" about what is happening here, and as I write for a newspaper I have wide interests: let me share that knowledge with you!

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I am one of the joint owners of Greenhouse bookstore in Kadikoy, Istanbul, and have lived in Turkey since 1994. I am British, but also have Turkish citizenship. I was assistant editor of "Culture Smart Turkey" by Charlotte McPherson




BSc in Actuarial Science, Turkish actuarial registration, fluent in Turkish.

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2012-04-23 edevlet:

Hi Brian    The first thing you have to do is to get an ID number. This is called kimlik numarası in Turkish    To learn your foreign identity number, please visit https://tckimlik.nvi.gov.tr/ and

2012-01-26 Can I be stopped leaving Turkey for not paying Bag-Kur?:

Vicky,    You used to be able to just put your BağKur number in and get access to all your details.    However, they realised that this puts your personal information out there for anyone who knows

2012-01-25 Can I be stopped leaving Turkey for not paying Bag-Kur?:

Bağ-Kur contributions are owed not by a company but by the individuals who are owners of the company. You owe them for the period you were owner of the company. You owe them whether they send you

2012-01-24 Dual nationality:

Hi    I am not sure who told you this. Some nations (e.g. Germany) do not allow dual nationality, and you have to choose. So the information would be correct for say a German.    But the UK and Turkey

2012-01-13 closing a business:

Hi. The first thing you will need to do is notify the tax office to say you are closing. You will still have to pay your own social security, local authority taxes, and stopaj on any business rent. What


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