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General history questions about the game of polo. Some specific questions relating to polo in Argentina, the United States, Europe, India and China. I do, however, have a deep international network through which I feel comfortable I can field most reasonable questions.

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I have been covering polo for over thirty years and am a student in the history of the game. I have an ongoing scholar relationship with the Museum of Polo in Lake Worth Florida and am working on two different books on polo at this writing.


Polo Magazine. The Chicagoan, Palm Beach Daily News, Polo en la Argentina, Polo Times, Polo Post, Polo Down Under, Pololine, PoloZone, Polo International, PQinternational, etc.


University of Denver, 1964-1966 (Vietnam) 1968-1970.

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2014-09-03 only mares for polo:

I can only surmise that your riding instructor is either following the traditional lead of playing mares (because if they turn out to be top prospects they can breed additional prospects but there are

2014-09-03 confirmation of polo pony:

, I think you will find this video helpful (follow link).    -Tips and advice on How to choose a polo pony with Sarah Wiseman the polo manager at The All England Polo Club at Hickstead.  For more information

2014-09-03 polo - suiting for all classes:

Polo is a stick and ball game played on horseback.  Because of the costs involved with the horses (a minimum of three or four horses would generally be required to participate in match or tournament play)

2014-09-03 starting the game after a goal:

Rohit,  I suggest that you contact the Indian Polo Association ad request a copy of the rules of the game so that you might read it and understand how the game is played.  After a goal is scored, both

2014-08-31 neck size of polo pony:

Rohit,  A neck of ideal length is about one third of the horse's length, measured from poll to withers, with a length comparable to the length of the legs.  An ideally placed neck is called a horizontal


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