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I am ready and willing to answer questions regarding all aspects of CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), AED use (Automated External Defibrillator) and First Aid. Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers is another specialty. Questions such as "Why do we have to push so hard?" or "Will I break ribs by performing CPR" are common questions that I answer often in my classes. "Is that $19.95 BLS card I print from my computer accepted by my hospital?"--if it sounds too good... I am also prepared to discuss the 2010 American Heart Association Guideline changes and how they are similar/different to other training protocol (such as American Red Cross). I can simplify using an AED so that a person gains the confidence to use it-not just the knowledge. I will also explain why a Heart Attack is different from a Cardiac Arrest and why the AED is important to each. Feel free to ask me about First Aid as well-"Is Aspirin good or bad for a Heart Attack?" "Should I make a tourniquet out of a roll of gauze?" "Do I suck the poison out of a snake bite?"

Experience in the area

I am the Director of a multi-state American Heart Association Training Site and an American Heart Association Regional Faculty nominee. Our Training Site trains, on average, more than 800 students per year. More than half of these are Healthcare Providers (Basic Life Support), with the balance learning Heartsaver CPR/AED and/or First Aid. I personally teach more than 10 BLS courses in a month-this gives me more teaching experience than your average instructor who may only teach 1-2 classes in a month. It is my goal, and the central mission of our company, to build Confidence and Competence in all students. It is my job to know the ins-and outs of Basic Life Support and CPR/AED so that I am able to answer questions competently and efficiently. I am the CPR-nerd that read all of the studies noted in the 2010 Guideline changes so that I could better understand the "Why" behind the changes.


American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor American Heart Association Basic Life Support Provider Associate of the Arts-Jan. 2000 Certified LifeGuard 1996-1999

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Various National, State and Local Government agencies Physicians' Offices Dental Offices Mom's groups Scout Troops Employment Agencies

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