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I can answer anything that has to do with BLS including the AED as well as any ACLS questions as far as the American Heart Association is concerned. I am an RN at a University Trauma Level 1 Hospital.

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I used to teach BLS, EMT, and assisted with ACLS prior to working in the hospital. I still help out with classes here and there.


Bachelors in Nursing CPR, ACLS, ECG, EMT certified

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Kiera02/25/08101010Thanks for answer, makes a lot of .....

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2011-07-07 Multiple rib fracs, clavicle frac & punctured lung 66 y/o male:

Some people have a major adrenaline rush after a major event such as being involved in a motorcycle wreck.  That adrenaline can cause your body not to feel the pain right away.  Although I have never personally

2010-08-30 Blood pressure:

First of all, your search for answers on these medical topics assures that you will have a successful medical career in the future.  The human body is a very complicated thing and can be very intimidating

2010-01-28 ACLS:

The rationale behind the epi being given when there is no pulse, is that if they can shock someone back into a rhythm then there will be epi in the bloodstream to kick the heart into gear.  I know it was

2009-09-10 2 staff dealing with collapsed patient:

One person would do the compressions while the other person would use the ambu-bag or mouth breathing.  They would switch off every 2 minutes so that the person doing the compressions will not tire out

2009-08-28 help:

In America, the laws are the same.  For legal reasons, the only people that can legally give a medicine is a doctor or paramedic.  Even a nurse with all of her training is not allowed to give a medicine


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