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I am available to answer most questions related to: first aid, pre- hospital medicine, EMT and Paramedic questions, CC-EMTP Course offered through UMBC, medical transport, critical care transport, ICU/CCU care, sedation, and medicine in general.

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I have worked as a NYS Paramedic since 1993 for both community based ambulance companies and large commercial agencies. I Have experience as bike team commander, and shift supervisor for a commercial ambulance. As a member of the Disaster team I was deployed to Louisiana for 20 days following hurricane Katrina. I worked along side the county Haz-Mat team as a "Tox-Medic" with advanced training in treating injuries from chemical agents. Besides my experience on the on the ambulance I have worked in a number of hospital based offices including dialysis and a sleep lab.


I started my EMS career as a NYS CFR (Certified First Responder)in 1989, an EMT in 1991, a Paramedic since 1993, and a CCU transport paramedic since 2005. I currently hold certification as a: NYS Paramedic, Critical Care Transport Paramedic, ACLS/CPR/PALS certified. Advanced Haz-Mat Life Support certified (AHLS). In the past I have taught CPR and ACLS to my coworkers and the local community.

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Hello Thomas,    Yes, you're correct in your thinking. in EMS and medicine in general, we prioritize our treatment on the ABC's (airway, breathing, circulation), you may have heard this if you have ever

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Hello Hima,    Pulse oximetry(SPO2) is not necessarily accurate especially in shock conditions (periods of reduced blood flow). I wouldn't use SPO2 as an indicator of trauma. You may want to look at deceleration

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Hello Zani,    When EMS arrives they would have to gain entry. If teh door is locked they would have to have Fire or Police on scene (unless they could clearly see her from a closed window and felt there

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Hello Slayde,    Sometimes an initial X-ray can be hard to read because of tissue swelling. There is also a variable of how the X-ray was taken, too light, too dark, movement... I suppose additional X-rays

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Hello Kim,    Generally emergency care is emergency care except maybe in a war zone or on a third-world country. If a patient had a deep leg wound I don't think I myself would straight out identify the


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