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I can answer questions regarding training, education, and experiences as well as providing some incite into the world of Emergency Medical Services.

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I have over 25 years of experience in EMS, Fire, and Air Transport.


AHA Professional Premium Professional


BS, AS, EMT-P, ACLS (and instructor), BLS (and instructor), PALS (and instructor), PPC (and instructor), BTLS (and instructor), PHTLS, and NALS. Have instructed EMT and Paramedic in Florida since 1986.

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William04/05/16101010Thanks for the response. I wasn't sure .....
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2016-04-01 Medical Practices:

Hi William,    Any death outside of a hospital is thoroughly investigated as a potential crime. And this usually means involvement of the ME.     About the only way I could imagine this happening would

2014-08-09 Emergency Dispatch Service Companies:

I am not sure which company is going to charge $60/month but here in Florida I believe there are contractors that can provide this service for about 1/2 that amount. Regardless, your question centers on

2013-10-10 Schooling:

Hi Shannon,    First and foremost there is no such thing as a bad question - only bad answers. You asked a REALLY good question actually because it centers not so much on the job itself but instead on

2013-08-28 Waiting to hear from you:

Hey Drew,    Thanks for your service!    I am not sure how/why you didn't get my reply before but I sent one. For some reason also your email address doesn't show up in the post. I can only assume it erased

2013-07-18 Follow-up:

Hi Joey!    You made my day with your update. I was wondering how you have been doing and what your final decisions might have been. From your update it certainly seems as though things are falling into


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