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Adrienne Janet Farricelli CPDT-KA

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returns 12/31/2016

I can answer questions pertaining dog psychology and general dog behavior. Why is my dog doing this? And what can I do about it? are common questions I am asked. I will not answer questions concerning health problems as this is out of my spectrum, but I can recommend a vet visit if there are chances behavioral problems may stem from a possible underlying medical problem.

Experience in the area

I am a certified dog trainer (CPDT-KA) that has attended seminars on dog behavior. I am acquainted with behavior modification programs and have read several books from reputable authors such as Patricia McConnell, Turid Rugaas, Nicholas Dodman and Bruce Fogle to name a few. I have rehabilitated dogs affected by moderate to severe behavioral problems.


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Certified dog trainer (APICC, CPDT-KA)

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Over 800 fans on my blog offering tips for training dogs and treating behavioral problems

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Hello, and thank you for contacting All Experts.     My take is that most of the reports of attacks and killing by this "breed" aren't accurate enough to be deemed reliable. Here's a brief explanation

2016-04-04 One dog acting strange towards dog that had surgery:

Hello, and thank you for contacting All Experts,  What you are seeing is not unusual. At the vet's hospital I used to work for we saw this happen quite often, mostly in cats, but we had the occasional

2015-09-02 dog behavior:

Hello and thank you for contacting All Experts,  There may be various explanations for this behavior. A common one is that the dog may be attracted by something you recently ate. Blessed with 220 million

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Greetings, and thank you for contacting All Experts,  I am so sorry to hear about your dogs killing your cat. As a cat lover, I can really feel your pain, but as a dog lover I can also tell you that what

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Greetings, and thank you for contacting All Experts,  Your case isn't unusual at all, there are many dogs who become traumatized from some scary stimuli outdoors and categorically refuse to go out. Loud


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