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The Virtual Assistant Forums offers support and encouragement to those interested in learning more about the VA industry (VAs and clients alike!) as well as to those who are already established in their practice but are looking for ways to enhance their knowledge, skills, and experience. Also experienced at introducing potential clients to the art of working with a professional virtual assistant.

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The owner and admin at the Virtual Assistant Forums is completely self taught in all aspects of her practice and built it literally from scratch; aside from practical life experience and two+ years operating as a professional VA, she also has a university education in Philosophy with a side of Journalism.
Also adept at helping potential clients understand the benefits of working with a virtual assistant as well as answering questions related to the many how-to's of working virtually.

What do you like about this subject?

Virtual Assistance is one of the fastest growing industries for professional service providers who have the skills, knowldege, and experience to provide virtual support to busy entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives all over the world from a home office.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

As the resources and technology available to virtual assistants increase exponentially, so does my desire to learn how to utilize them to provide better and more efficient service to clients.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Virtual assistance is not as simple as having a computer and internet connection. It is not a hobby. It is a career choice and involves determination and hard work to get started; as is the case with any small business venture. It does provide more freedom, creativity, and growth to those willing to invest the time, effort, and energy it takes to establish and run a professional VA practice.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Virtual Assistance is an unregulated profession at this time. Many organizations and now, even some colleges, offer certification to VAs; however it is a highly controversial topic as to whether or not these certifications should be required and if they increase success as a virtual assistant or not.

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