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Production - how they get made History - where it all began and who the players were/are. What I cannot answer is where the money comes from as that is a never ending quest. Generally, I seek financing from corporate sponsors and people and organizations with an affinity for the subject.

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I have been working in the large format film arena on the production side for nearly 30-years. I produced the large format film "The Greatest Places" in current release at IMAX and other giant screen theaters. And on DVD.


Giant Screen Cinema Association - the chief industry organization




BFA from New York University (NY NY), in film production

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Simon03/28/16Well, thank you for your help!

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2016-03-21 IMAX technical specifications:

Why are the dimensions of the IMAX format so boxy?  Sitting in the IMAX theatre you are looking out a huge window, action is happening all around the screen.  You have to look left, right, up, down.  Hence

2011-03-03 film stock:

Rarely is a single film stock used for one film.  Different conditions necessitate different tools, including the selection of a film stock.  The easy way for a general answer is to ask the Large Format

2010-07-20 outtakes and bloppers:

Considering the overall budget of the film, the cost is minuscule.  The director saves the footage for exactly the reason you watched the outtakes: you were engaged with the film and you tell people about

2009-11-30 Camcorder:

This is like asking "which raindrop will make a rainstorm."  The information contained in one frame of IMAX film is 100-times more than a camcorder frame.    The purpose of IMAX is high fidelity image

2007-07-18 Film Production:

I took the following allocations from one of my current budgets.    Preproduction 10%  Production 55%  Postproduction 25%  General/Administrative 10%  General/Administrative consists of:  Overhead  Insurance


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