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When it comes to celibacy/abstinence, I am more likely to point out the downside of being sexually abstinent. I don't advocate abstinence as a long-term sexual lifestyle. Abstinence is a good thing when the alternative is being sexual in an indiscreet manner, but it is a bad thing when a healthy sexual lifestyle of being monogamous with a partner is available. I frequently answer questions in the masturbation and male masturbation categories on AllExperts.com. I take all questions pertaining to sexuality.

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I am a category expert in the sexuality area on AllExperts.com and have written the web site HealthyStrokes.com for over thirteen years.


I have a Ph.D. in a field unrelated to sexuality from one of the leading educational institutions of the world.

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Males who remain virgins past the age of 21 tend to have a higher rate of sexual dysfunctions than males who become sexually active at age 17-21.

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Recent Answers from Doug Adams, Ph.D.

2016-09-30 Vagina:

I've never heard of that happening.  The hymen is pretty sturdy and is unlikely to be affected by a little air passing through it.  Maybe it would be better to worry about things less trivial than hymen

2016-09-17 Celibate....for now:

Connie (for name sake),    You don't owe anything sexually or otherwise to a man you've never met.   You have no duty of fidelity or chastity to Lee because you're chatting with him on a dating site, or

2016-05-04 Regain:

Chastity means not being sexually active.  Virginity means never having been sexually active.  You can always become not sexually active, but you can't become never having been sexually active again once

2016-05-03 Regain:

You can become chaste, but you can never again become a virgin if you are not one.  Chastity can be achieved by abstaining from sexual activity.  People are more likely to accept you as chaste the longer

2015-12-22 Regarding sexual health:

Masturbating is not a bad habit.  It is a good one.  Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  Most younger males masturbate about once a day.  Masturbation


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