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I am happy to answer any questions on this topic. I am experienced answering questions in all areas of sexuality.

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I am an AllExperts expert in eight sexuality categories and have answered questions from both males and females for over 13 years on my web site HealthyStrokes.com.


I have a Ph.D. in a field unrelated to sexuality.

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I have helped thousands of people with their questions about sexuality.

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2015-09-02 Want to lose virginity:

The average age of first intercourse for a male is 18, so you are certainly not lagging behind your cohort by being a virgin at your age.  I suspect you are still in high school.  You are much better off

2015-06-01 Virginity:

If you're asking if you should be sexual, then you shouldn't be.  I also think you don't know what "friends with benefits" means.  FWB means having sex with a friend when each of you are without a relationship

2015-05-04 Just lost virginity:

If you're sure it isn't a latex allergy, then it's even more important to seek help from a doctor to figure out what it is.  I've never heard of anyone getting a rash from Astroglide.  But that doesn't

2015-05-01 Just lost virginity:

Did you have intercourse with condoms?  That sounds to my layperson self like a latex allergy.  Only a doctor can say for sure.  If the rash/dots/pimples continue, see a doctor.  If you have a latex allergy

2015-03-25 sex:

I don't think very many people's first time was in a truck at school.  Instead of thinking it as weird, perhaps you could think of it as unique.  I don't think I have ever had a school lunch period that


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