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I specialize in Hip Hop Tap, Jazz Tap, Classic Tap, Swing Tap, and many other styles. I can help with technique, names of steps, combinations, or choreography ideas.

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I have 27 years of experience in tap dancing. I have been teaching tap for 19 years in studios, seminars, and judging auditions and competitions. I am a freelance choreographer for many studio owners and I have performed with many great tap dancers. Gregory Hines to name one.


I have been taught by many professional tap teachers from around the country. Pat Rico, Debbie Dee, and many others. I attend numerous conventions including DMA (Dance Masters)& Dance Caravan to name a few. I keep up with the latest styles by traveling to different states to attend master tap classes, conventions, & competitions.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

National Tap Dance Day is May 25th. May 25th was chosen because it is Bill "Bojangles" Robinson's birthday.

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The best way to catch up is to practice.  I would suggest working on the steps you learn each and every day.  If you know any of the other students in the class, invite them to practice with you.  Also

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I am familier with these tapes.  My grandmother (a dance teacher as well) also had some of these lessons on Records.  I know there are some that were recorded by Al Gilbert.  I'm not sure though where

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Hello,    Personally, I love capezio brand.  I as well have a few tap friends with the Ben & Miller shoes.  They seem to like them, bit do say they are much harder to break in.  I'm not sure if you are

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Hello,  The slippery floors have always been an issue for me as well.  I have done exactly what you have described.  One thing I also do is to clean the bottoms of the shoes with a wet cloth to get any


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