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Stephen Major (Principal--Lakeland Environmental)

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I can answer questions on indoor mold, indoor air quality, asbestos, and indoor moisture problems. This includes mold testing and mold remediation. PLEASE indicate your state or region, so I can provide the best possible answer.

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I have extensive experience in the investigation, testing, and remediation of indoor fungal (mold) infestations, including the design and oversight of remediation projects, hands-on cleaning and removal, and safe work practices. I developed a successful mold remediator training and certification program, and have trained many mold workers and remediation supervisors in proper techniques. I have a strong knowledge of the ways in which moisture and airlow patterns in buildings can affect fungal growth and air quality.


BS Cornell University. IAQA Certified Mold Remediator. 40-hour HAZWOPER certification. NYS Department of Health Certified Training Director.

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Recent Answers from Stephen Major (Principal--Lakeland Environmental)

2016-02-03 deteriorating fiberglass duct board inside air handler:

Jennifer,    A couple of things:    Fiberglass duct needs to be cleaned VERY gently, otherwise fiberglass particles can be dislodged.  In my opinion, fiberglass ducts and fiberglass-lined metal ducts are

2015-10-01 asbestos pipe insulation and paper:

Michelle,    Without seeing the pipe insulation I can't say for sure.  However most wrapped asbestos pipe insulation has asbestos in the wrap, but not always.  If the wrap was falling off, it is more likely

2015-09-24 asbestos pipe insulation and paper:

Michelle,    Without knowing specific details about this building, and with no air testing results or abatement documents to review, I can only give a general opinion about your situation.  If the asbestos-containing

2015-08-03 RE: radon testing:

Dan,    If you occupy the basement, then test the basement in the occupied area. If you also occupy the first level above the basement, then I recommend testing that level as well.      An inexpensive

2014-09-26 wet filters:

Donna,    Your problem with the A/C system could be simple to fix, like a fan speed adjustment and duct balancing.  Or it could be more serious, like the system is sized improperly for your space and the


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