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I am the owner of EXPERT BASEMENT REPAIR in Cleveland, Ohio. see WWW.EXPERTBASEMENTREPAIR.COM for more helpful links, pricing and information on repair work and products I can identify the reasons for movement or cracking in home foundations, basements and walls. I am familiar with most waterproofing and water control methods. I am familiar with and have installed Ramjack, Dixie MacLean, and A.B.Chance™ helical and push pier systems, including tiebacks, steel beams, and rod and grout repair and also several carbon fiber stabilization products. I am currently certified for Fortress carbon fiber installation and have performed carbon repair in the greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio region for 14 years. Please remember to tell me what city you live in to help me answer your question up front!

Experience in the area

20 years of structural foundation fault identification and most repair and stabilization methods. I introduced Fortress carbon fiber to this region of Ohio 14 years ago. I am always on site and involved in order to monitor each project I am responsible for. I have seen high pressure sales tactics used on homeowners over the years to buy on the very first contact. The most dominant ads on this site are good examples. My experience is that you need to be very careful when having these companies in your home.


Waterproofing magazine issue #2


Associates degree...and the school of hard knocks! Formerly certified by A.B.Chance company from 1993-2005. I have a construction and home improvement background for almost 35 years. I bought, restored and resold distressed property. I worked with 4 different foundation repair companies and am familiar with most methods. I also worked for a waterproofing company for several years. I teach ongoing education classes for home inspectors, adult education and Realtors in foundation fault identification and repair.

Past/Present Clients

Hundreds of residential, commercial and some industrial.

What do you like about this subject?

More often than not solving foundation problems is comparable to solving a big puzzle. You have to take the clues which are given, assemble all the information which is available and then determine a plan of repair or next best plan of action. I really enjoy the fact that being the owner of my own company now I can do the job as I would do it for myself.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I would like to see a home repair and trouble prevention/ awareness program taught in public schools. I find it incredible that most homeowners know very little about problems involving the biggest investment most will ever make. see WWW.EXPERTBASEMENTREPAIR.COM for additional information.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

There are many foundation repair "experts" in this field. Most of them claim to be the "best". The companies with the largest and most predominant advertising usually have a high overhead. These companies have to PRODUCE high sales numbers everyday to support their expenses. You will often be intimidated or scared into buying more than you need.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

There are waterproofing and foundation repair companies advertising on THIS website who utilize HIGH PRESSURE SALES TACTICS. You will be told you must sign up today or you will lose your "discount pricing." The husband and wife must be there for their visit. This is needed in order to close your sale on the first visit. Expect a difficult time getting these sales people to leave your house.

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