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I've owned saddle mules for over 25 years. After running a 30 stall boarding barn for horses, I established my farm, Brayer Hill Farm, producing National and World Champion saddle mules and standing two jacks to the public. I have also written and published articles concerning mules and maintain The Saddle Mule News online and serve as the Executive Secretary for The North Anerican Saddle Mule Association.

Experience in the area

I have 25 Years experience in owning, breeding for, raising, and showing quality Saddle Mules and own Brayer Hill Farm. In addition, I am a Charter Member of two National Mule Associations. I also publish The Saddle Mule News available online.


North American Saddle Mule Association (Executive Secretary), American Gaited Mule Association, American Donkey and Mule Socitey


The Brayer, Mules and More, and Owner/Publisher of The Saddle Mule News


Under and Post Graduate work in Education.

Awards and Honors

ADMS Farm Versatility, Hall of Fame ADMS, Versatility Hall of Fame Winners, ADMS Breeding Versatility Hall of Fame, NASMA Registers of Merit
, National and World Champion title winners.

What do you like about this subject?

While not the equine of choice for all riders, the saddle mule is a unique and interesting show and trail animal. Mules have unique personalties and, with the improvement in breeding for and training, they are fast becoming the equine of choice for the show pen and the trail.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Being a charter member and one of the founders of The North American Saddle Mule Association and the American Gaited Mule Association, I would like to see saddle mules and their owners receive recognition for their efforts and their position as a viable equine market comparable to that available to horse owners in the horse industry.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

As equine, saddle mules are unique in that they are a hybrid resulting from the breeding of a donkey to a horse. The resulting get is sterile, although sexually normal. Male mules are always gelded. Mules have a unique history in the United States from frontier settlement to military service to the personal equine of choice for many exhibitors, trail riders and enthusiasts.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Mules have been stereotyped as stubborn and second class equine. And, while mules are not for everyone and can create a challenge to trainers and owners alike, their devotees are loyal to the extreme.

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