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I can answer questions regarding land line phone systems, wiring methods, troubleshooting, as well as restoration of antique phones. (1900's to 1980's) I am still learning about newer technologies like VOIP and other digital modes, but may still be able to help with these topics from time to time.

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I have collected antique telephones since I was a teen, and been involved in wiring of home phone lines, as well as troubleshooting problems with them since around the same time.


I have studied basic electrical fundamentals through classes in a technical college, as well as extensive reading on the subject in my own time. I have also helped Electricians and telecom installers on and off for some time.

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Prashant S Akerkar 02/14/16101010Dear Will
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2016-02-14 Wireless Intercom service in Commercial Aircrafts.:

Prashant,    I believe most commercial airlines have wired intercoms already, just for this purpose. I could see problems with wireless, such as interfering with ground communications, etc. Plus, you may

2016-01-23 Home phones:

most new setups like this only require the main base to be hooked to a phone line, the "satellite" handsets connect back to the base wirelessly. All the bases will need power to charge the handsets, but

2015-11-03 Mobile Phone Power Button:

I wouldn't think so, my phone is on usually 24/7 except when I need to restart it for some reason. Just keep an eye on the battery level so it doesn't die on you. I would recommend taking it to a cell

2014-10-13 Cordless phones:

Eddie,    I have never seen such a phone,which doesn't mean there isn't one, but I don't believe there is. For one reason, it would shut off in the middle of a call if the call went over the set time,

2014-02-05 Cordless phone/answering machine:

I can't think of anything that would cause this except the phone is bad. How old is it? If there is an option to reset the phone, you might try that.   Otherwise if you want to keep the phone, you could


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