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I can answer questions regarding land line phone systems, wiring methods, troubleshooting, as well as restoration of antique phones. (1900's to 1980's) I am still learning about newer technologies like VOIP and other digital modes, but may still be able to help with these topics from time to time.

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I have collected antique telephones since I was a teen, and been involved in wiring of home phone lines, as well as troubleshooting problems with them since around the same time.


I have studied basic electrical fundamentals through classes in a technical college, as well as extensive reading on the subject in my own time. I have also helped Electricians and telecom installers on and off for some time.

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Prashant S Akerkar01/25/17101010Dear Will Thanks. Prashant
John11/30/16101010Thanks for your help.
Prashant S Akerkar 02/14/16101010Dear Will
Robert01/23/16101010Many thanks!
Dorothy11/03/15101010Wow, you are so quick ! You .....

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2017-01-25 Touch Screen Landline Phones.:

I wouldn't see why not, you could have a cordless smartphone, without the cellular part, so it would have to be within range of a base station that was hooked to the line. there are also VOIP touchscreen

2016-11-28 cordless phone:

John,    It sounds like the contacts between the charger base and the phone are dirty, or it could be a battery issue despite the sound of the beep. I would recommend cleaning the contacts on the base

2016-02-14 Wireless Intercom service in Commercial Aircrafts.:

Prashant,    I believe most commercial airlines have wired intercoms already, just for this purpose. I could see problems with wireless, such as interfering with ground communications, etc. Plus, you may

2016-01-23 Home phones:

most new setups like this only require the main base to be hooked to a phone line, the "satellite" handsets connect back to the base wirelessly. All the bases will need power to charge the handsets, but

2015-11-03 Mobile Phone Power Button:

I wouldn't think so, my phone is on usually 24/7 except when I need to restart it for some reason. Just keep an eye on the battery level so it doesn't die on you. I would recommend taking it to a cell


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