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I can answer questions about gifted children in nearly any setting, at home, at school, in social settings. My main expertise is early childhood, and I can also answer questions throughout elementary school.

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I teach child development on the university level - undergrad and graduate. I am a parent of four gifted children who have all earned college degrees, although not all being used at this time. My children have all either been in classes for the gifted and/or been in special programs for the gifted, including special high schools.


MS.Ed. City University of NY

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Recent Answers from Ellen Jaffe

2014-11-10 Levels of IQ:

Hi Jean,  Thanks for writing.  On any of the tests, the answer has to be within what is expected for that type of answer.  There are guidelines about what is an acceptable answer and what is not.  For

2014-05-01 Question about son's level:

Dear Jo,    From your description, it certainly sounds like he may be gifted.  It's wonderful that he "plays well with his peers and really has no difficulties, emotional or otherwise."    There is a wonderful

2013-05-07 Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement:

Hello Nick,  Thanks for writing.  Any single test that was taken 3 years ago cannot be counted on to be definitive for any child.  My first question would be, How was he feeling on the day of the testing?

2013-04-19 Gifted private K to Public 1st Grade/Seriously Puzzled:

Dear Aslihan,  This is perhaps the hardest question I have been asked in the years that I have been associated with this program.    I'm very happy to hear that socially, she's doing well in her school

2013-03-30 Skipping a Grade:

Dear Charlie,  I'm not sure if your school district allows grade skipping, so the first thing I suggest is for you and your parents to speak with these people in the order of this list.  As soon as you


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