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I can advise beginners through advanced on the best airbrushes to use for any particular application. Making your own stencils,the materials to use and the techniques used to get the desired results. Painting human and animal portraits is my specalty on everything from clothing to vehicles.Trouble shooting tips,which paints and the viscosity to use.

Experience in the area

I have been making my living from my airbrush for 30 years. However, I have been, an artist, selling my works of pastels,watercolor,pencil,oils and acrylics since elementary school.


Past member of SALI, Licensed Member of Starscapes International. SAI #1797


A graduate student of the Robert Toth Studio of Art. Attended the Airbrush Getaway Course in NJ.

What do you like about this subject?

The photo of the Palomino was airbrushed on a 3x3 ft mirror. I love the airbrush for the unlimited uses and surfaces,and the effects you can create with even a simple inexpensive (double action) Passche or Badger brand.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I am always trying to improve my art through experimenting with different masking and stencil techniques. I never stop learning.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The airbrush has been around since the 1800's in one form or another.

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james07/15/11101010Thank you Donna!! I am so glad .....
james02/25/09101010thank you
Paul12/03/0810Thank you for your time and knowledge!

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2011-07-15 makin moolah..:

Dear James,  I see you are in  Canada, I am in the States so I   don't  know how your business laws work.  I can only tell you that, here, I put on my tax statements I am an   artist and  follow what is

2010-11-13 Iwata Eclipse siphon feed:

Robert  This is a  bottom feed airbrush. The way to check the airflow is  first,  if you remove the head cap assembly,is there any air flow? or is it   still not coming through ?  If there is air coming

2010-10-02 which airbrush, compressor to buy:

Elinda,  My advice is to check out this company I have dealt with for almost  20 years. they can send you a catalog of all the airbrushes avaiable  on the market. Plus they have tips and advice on which

2009-08-22 airbrush air flow:

Hi  Ron,   It may be the paint bottle.  Make sure the cap of the bottle has an unobstructed hole. I try to make them as large as possible. They  clog up often.    If the hole is either being covered up

2008-12-03 Paint:

Paul  Paint should be a consistancy of light cream as opposed to heavy cream.  However,..  There maybe  more  than one reason your paint is making a  splatter and  not  a thin line.  You have  to have


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