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I can answer general questions about the Great Highland Bagpipe and the Spanish Gaita, how to go about learning to play the pipes, basic pipe maintanence and can point you in the right direction to almost any question you can think of. My main interest is piping influence in rock and roll and alternative music.

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I have been playing the Great Highland Bagpipe for almost 3 years and have recently starting learning to play the Gaita. I am a member of a Northern California pipe band.


I have a bacherlor's degree in Psychology and Master's coursework in Social Work. I am currently studying piping music and music theory with a private tutor.

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2012-11-24 How to play Gaita bagpipes:

1.  2.  3. No, you would need to purchase a new chanter  4.  http://en.allexperts

2009-07-30 Bagpipe chanter and practice chanter:

Hi Beverly,    Well, you've got in your possession 2 great bagpipe chanters. As you have figured out, there are two types of bagpipe chanters.  The actual chanter, which looks something like this:    http://www

2009-05-08 Bagpipe use in Jordan:

Chad,    What a great question.  The history of the bagpipes is not very clear, and many people disagree as to their origin.  What we know for sure is that they do not have their origin in Scotland, however

2009-01-16 Where to buy a Spanish Bagpipe:

Hello,    There used to be many places to purchase Gaitas online, but most of those sites seem to be gone.  Below I have put together a list of all the resources I could find.  I think the Internet is

2008-12-31 Chanter fingering and tuning:

Hello,    You must be a musician with a highly trained ear to be able to pick up on the idiosyncrasies of the bagpipe practice chanter.  The good news is that the things you picked up on are all normal


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